Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 17/06/2024

Monday 17th June, 1:00 pm – RCC Bermuda received a number of calls from concerned parties ashore regarding two separate COMET race boats which appear to be in difficulty. The Bermuda Coast Guard assisted one racer off Cobblers Cut who was having difficulty righting the boat and took the boat in tow. Race support boats assisted a number of other boats by taking them in tow. Shortley before 2:00 pm race officials were able to confirm that all boats had been accounted for.

Date: 17/06/2024

Monday 17th June, 3:30 pm – The local 24ft Pleasure craft MAIN EVENT with two people onboard reported that they were disabled around 50ft from Hogfish beacon, Bermuda Radio made calls for assistance on VHF Radio which went unanswered. Later in the afternoon a passing vessel assisted by taking the boat in tow along North Shore back to their mooring in St Davids.

Date: 15/06/2024

Saturday 15th June, 7:00 pm – The Container Ship CHIQUITA CENTURY contacted RCC Bermuda from a position 500 miles East North East of Bermuda while on passage to Europe. The ship had sighted an upturned power boat, the boat was only around 6 meters in length but looked in very good condition with little marine growth. The United States Coast Guard were unaware of the boats origins and added it to their flotsam / derelict vessel records.

Date: 15/06/2024

Saturday 15th June, 11:10 am – The inbound cruise ship VISION OF THE SEAS contacted RCC Bermuda as they had a passenger in need of medical attention ashore. In order to land the patient as soon as possible the pilot boarding time was brought ahead, all associated services were accommodating in bringing the ships arrival time into Dockyard forward. The patient was disembarked into a waiting ambulance at 2:15 pm after arriving alongside Heritage Wharf, Dockyard.

Date: 12/06/2024

Wednesday 12th June, 5:00 am – The arriving Annapolis to Bermuda Race boat BAY RETRIEVER contacted Bermuda Radio after crossing the finish line as they were unable to start the engine. The timing of their arrival coincided with the last pilot boarding of the morning and the pilot boat kindly towed the 33 ft sloop which had 6 people onboard to the Customs Dock at Ordnance Island.

Date: 11/06/2024

Tuesday 11th June, 3:30 pm – RCC Bermuda received a call from RCC Norfolk advising that a yacht was disabled in a position 108 miles northwest of Bermuda after suffering an engine transmission failure, they had also received sail damage in recent heavy weather. The report was made by a person ashore in Quebec via RCC Halifax. The report contained a satellite telephone number for the yacht but little other information. RCC Bermuda called the yacht CHAMPAGNIE MADAME on Sat phone, only French was spoken onboard, however it was possible to determine that the yacht was Canadian registered with three people onboard. They had decided to divert to Bermuda and were currently making very slow speed due to sail damage. The disabled yacht was put on a communication scheduled after exchanging email and telephone details. Later in the evening it became apparent that the yacht was not maintaining the communications schedule and satellite telephone calls were unanswered. The reporting source in Quebec was contacted, fortunately they had received an email and advised on their progress. On Wednesday morning direct communication was established, slow progress was made towards Bermuda and Bermuda Yacht Services towed CHAMPAGNE MADAME into St Georges Harbour on Friday morning. The 42 ft yacht had been on passage from New York to Martinique and will carry out repairs before continuing the voyage.

Date: 09/06/2024

Sunday day 9th June, 2:10 pm – RCC Bermuda received a telephone call from Bermuda Power Boat Association Race Control advising that a race participant had collided with one of the pylons while outbound from Ferry Reach, the boat VELOCITY has two people onboard. The Bermuda Coast Guard were on patrol in the east end and were immediately contacted by RCC Bermuda, both the pilot and copilot were transferred to the Coast Guard boat 41 I and transported to the Fisheries Dock at Coney Island where they were met by Ambulance.

Date: 08/06/2024

Friday 7th June, 9:00 pm – The visiting Sailing Vessel, SEA JOLY, was observed on AIS making an unusual and dangerous arrival into Bermuda by approaching the Reef Line in the vicinity of North Rock. SEA JOLY did not respond to any, of the many, VHF Radio calls made by voice and DSC. As the visiting yacht passed over the Reef Line Bermuda Coast Guard dispatched RESCUE 1 to assist, the yacht avoided running aground and was escorted into St Georges Harbour, Bermuda Coast Guard found the single-handed sailor of the USA registered 43ft sloop, had sailed from North Carolina and was unfamiliar with making the correct approach into St Georges Harbour.

Date: 05/06/2024

Wednesday 5th June, 7:30 am – RCC Bermuda were tracking an unknown vessel, thought to be a visiting sailing vessel, which approached overnight and was currently transiting South Shore inbound. The boat was not transmitting AIS data and failed to respond to any radio calls. The Bermuda Coast Guard were advised of the situation and the vessel’s progress monitored on RADAR and CCTV, the yacht entered St Georges Harbour without any communication and anchored in Convict Bay. The boat was observed to be Argentinian registered, when the crew made no effort to contact customs the Coast Guard were dispatched to investigate. The Coast Guard boarded customs officers at Ordnance Island and went alongside the visiting yacht, a search was carried out and the two crew members who did not speak English tendered ashore to clear customs.

Date: 31/05/2024

Friday 31st May, – On the early hours of Friday morning an unknown RADAR target was observed making a slow and unusual approach from the south, the vessel was observed off Chub Heads later in the morning, CCTV confirmed it to be an inbound sailing vessel which was was tracked on its approach along south shore. Repeated attempts to make contact by VHF radio failed and the coast guard and pilot boat were advised of the situation and requested to standby. When the vessel was off Castle Harbour at around 11:00 am the yacht made repeated attempts to sail into Castle Harbour and was observed very close to the rocks and breaking water within Castle Roads. The Coast Guard were dispatched from their base at Scenic House near Watford Bridge, Sandys and fortunately rendezvoused with the yacht before it went aground. The visiting 40 ft yacht “MESTIZO” was found to be registered in Argentina with 1 person onboard who did not speak English. The visiting yacht proved to have no idea about making a safe approach and was escorted to the customs dock by the Coast Guard, on arrival at the dock the yacht was searched by Customs and Coast Guard before being allowed to anchor in the harbour.

Date: 24/05/2024

Friday 24th May, 11:15 am – RCC Bermuda were advised that a guest onboard the local charter boat RISING SON had fallen resulting in a suspected back injury, the Bermuda Coast Guard quickly attended and assessed the patient. The patient was found to be a passenger onboard the cruise ship NORWEGIAN JOY and considered well enough for the Coast Guard to transport back to the ship, RCC Bermuda liaised with the cruise ship and the onboard medical team met with the patient on arrival in Dockyard.

Date: 24/05/2024

Friday 24th May, 3:42 pm – Bermuda Coast Guard were on patrol in Castle Roads when they observed the local 26ft Centre Console BOA VIDA taking on water with 7 people onboard, the water ingress was to much to manage and the decision was made to beach the vessel. It was not possible to contact a marine contractor for help so the Coast Guard assisted further by pumping out the vessel and towing it to the boat yard in St Davids to be lifted out of the water.

Date: 23/05/2024

Tuesday 21st May 1:30 am – RCC Bermuda received a call from the Singapore based management company of the Hong Kong registered container ship BERNHARD SCHULTE. A crew member had an accident resulting in gash to the head and a temporary loss of consciousness. RCC Bermuda spoke directly to the ship’s captain with the United States Coast Guard Flight Surgeon conferenced in on the call, the ship was around 370 miles north east of Bermuda and the casualty needed medical attention as soon as possible. As air assets are not available in Bermuda consideration was given to flying a Helicopter from Elizabeth City to Bermuda to refuel and fly on to the BERNHARD SCHULTE. After calculating the timings involved the patient would receive medical care in around 18 hours with a helicopter evacuation, a similar time to the ship steaming to Bermuda at full speed. At around 10:30 on Tuesday evening the patient was transferred to Pilot Boat St David to meet an ambulance waiting at Ordnance Island, St Georges Harbour.